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  1. John Verity says:

    Hi Naz,
    I am John Verity, running a newly-launched website about enterprise IT — http://www.ITSoftwareCommunity.com, run by TechWeb (publishers of InformationWeek and many other periodicals and sites). I am writing you as someone I’ve seen active on LinkedIn’s discussions about infrastructure and related topics and as a blogger and I wonder if you might have any interest in occasionally blogging for my site.

    I am a longtime computer journalist (Datamation, BusinessWeek, etc.) As you’ll see, the site I edit features myself and others as bloggers. We write about whatever interests us in enterprise IT — cloud, I/P/SaaS, application lifecycle management, analytics, programming, storage, and more. The aim, of course, is to build a good audience. We also encourage everyone to post comments to our message boards.

    I am looking for some more IT users like yourself to contribute the occasional piece – only 400-600 words each, once or twice a month, about your choice of topic. I can pay $200 for each one, but the main attraction, I imagine, is exposure and having a voice and connecting with peers, etc. The site has some major marketing muscle behind it – Twitter, LinkedIn, social media, etc. Some of our pieces are now getting 2000+ unique readers. (The site has a sponsor, HP, but that company has no say in what we write. And we’re under no obligation to endorse their or anyone else’s products.)

    That’s it. I thought you might appreciate the opportunity to reach a larger audience with your thoughts and writing about infrastructure and anything else that crosses your mind. Take a look at the site. I’m glad to tell you more. Feel free to write me at john@jverity, or at verity@techweb.com.

    Thank your for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


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